AASAR assisted on multiple searches in 4 different counties (Bexar, Travis, Guadalupe and Wilson) this quarter.  We were able to provide over 120 hours of volunteer response time to assist in these searches. 
We have also been training hard!  AASAR hosted a Fundamentals of Search and Rescue course created by the National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR).  Five of our member spent 2 weekends in the course with other SAR responders from all over the state.  The course even included an overnight in the wilderness.  The course participants were only allowed to use the items in their SAR backpacks to get through the night.  That means, no sleeping bags and no tents.  They had to fashion shelters from rope and tarps.  Did I mention that it was only 42°F?  The following morning they had to take a written test.  It was a tough couple weekends, but the course participants made it look easy and all 5 of our members passed the test and received their SARtech III certifications. 
Following the FUNSAR course, six of our members spent dozens of hours in the field honing their skills before they challenged the NASAR SARtech II test.  The test is an exhausting day filled with tests designed to challenge their SAR skills.  The result?  All 6 of them passed their tests!
Three of our canine teams (Brick, Soldier and Rory) passed their Human Remains Detection Certifications with the International Police Working Dog Association.   Each canine team went through a series of tests that demonstrated their capabilities in a number of different environments.
We are really proud of the hard work our team put in first quarter this year.  We’re busily working away during the second quarter as well.  We’ll have some great updates for you again soon.  Thanks for all of your support!