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Thank you, Anonymous for thinking of all SAR teams during this holiday season!

Twas the night before Christmas , and all though SAR land
The pagers were quiet, the silence was grand.

The search dogs were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of tennis balls danced in their heads.
LE, search managers, team leaders and all of the team had just settled in to warm beds to dream.
When all of a sudden the pagers went wild. Report to the SAR barn! Please let it not be a child!
We sprang from our beds, finding coffee and gear and praying the call wasn’t severe.
Kissed partners and children and silently prayed we’d be home to spend Christmas with our families that day.
Into the SAR barn the troops we all streamed, ready to grab trucks and be made into teams.
But what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a big guy dressed in red with a snowy white beard.
He called us together in the briefing room. He couldn't be the Search Manager, but no one would assume.
“I couldn't fathom what to bring you tonight – more GPS, helos , more LED lights?
Thought of new boots or saddles or even field food? But those weren’t right to show my gratitude

I did do some more good while you were all on your way. Washed the rigs, did reports, fed the horses some hay.

But even though I did all of that stuff, I knew quite surely it wasn’t enough.
But then the perfect gift leaped into my head. I’m sorry it meant getting you out of bed.”
Then he winked and clapped and what should appear, but a screen filled with pictures and maps – quite dog eared.
A log showing all of our missions that year, spilling out memories that brought out some tears.
There the hunter, the lost child, the family in snow. There the rope team going over for the hurt person below.

There the horses climbing surely to leave no one behind. There the search dogs alerting to signal a find.

There the helo flying over and spotting the car. There the divers going under to bring someone up from afar.
There the hasty rigs making sure no road has been failed. There the snowmobiles, ATVs covering every possible trail.
There the hikers, the drivers, search managers and deputies.

There the radio, logistics, operations and planning.

“I know you don’t do this for fortune or fame. It isn’t for big bucks, it isn’t a game.
You do it just because you think its right. You believe people should live - luck or stupidity despite.
You pay a price – jobs and life sometimes scattered. You wonder sometimes if it all really matters.
But here is what I hope is abundantly clear, your sacrifice matters, you are really quite dear.
These people are home with their families tonight, because none of you would give up the fight.
I know there are some that you couldn’t save. But their families, at least, have some peace by the grave.
There is nothing more grand I could put by your tree, nothing more I could bring that would shine more than these.
It’s the best I could think of as my way to say, we all are so lucky you are out there each day!
Tomorrow when you open presents at home I want you to know, this present is there, adding its special glow.

So now to home each of you, to ones that you kissed. I’ve magically reset time so nothing is missed.
Have a wonderful day with family, food and fun. I’ll try to arrange it so no missions to run.

Oh, and I’ve also given you back those lost hours of sleep!”
Then he jumped in his sled and to his team gave a whistle. Away they all went like that down on the thistle.
And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight “Merry Christmas in SAR land – to all a safe night!”

Discovered in 2010
With thanks to the generosity of the original author, whoever he or she may be.
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Yesterday we had a great training session before the rains came. Even had time for a few Christmas photos! ... See MoreSee Less

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All of us at Alamo Area Search and Rescue would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving! We would also like to thank you for your continued support to our mission. We are truly grateful for the generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and understanding families who support us throughout the year! ... See MoreSee Less

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